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Importing references from text to a journal reference manager

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
How does one get their reference list from a Word document into their reference manager?
Most reference managers do not allow for the importing of text citations with ease. Users, very often, are reduced to manually adding the citations from the document into their respective fields. This method of transferring references is arduous at best.
However there is a way around the problem! Because WizFolio allows for the easy import of text – through its “Copy from Clipboard” feature – and subsequent export of references in RIS or BibTex format, the University of Missouri has suggested using WizFolio as a conversion tool. Their article offers clear and succinct instructions on how to convert references from text to Endnote using WizCite. These instructions can similarly be generalized to apply for other reference managers such as Zotero and Mendeley.
Importing files in RIS format is not perfect, as each reference manager uses a slight variation of the RIS format. Users whose reference managers can import in the BibTex format will have an easier time importing their references.


Overview of the process

A visual guide on How to Import Text References into WizFolio

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Press Release – Breakthrough Cross-Platform Citation Technology

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

(I-Newswire) July 10, 2010 – WizFolio is an online research collaboration tool for knowledge discovery. With WizFolio you can easily collect all types of information such as research papers, patents, documents, books, YouTube videos and web snippets in a citation-ready format.

Wizfolio announced its latest upgrade that uses a patent-pending citation technology for cross-platform compatibility. WizCite can be used to cite collaboratively across different platforms and across different formats including MS Word (Windows), Open Office (Win, Mac, Linux), Google Docs, Zoho Writer and even Google Sites. This format-agnostic citation tool allows free exchange of documents amongst co-authors using different word processors.

With WizFolio’s new WizImporter, users can now seamlessly import their collections from their Mendeley and Zotero accounts. This will provide Mendeley and Zotero users an alternative citation tool for collaborative writing.

Also, WizFolio’s integrated search feature can be used to search Google Books, Scholars Portal and CiteULike. References can then be transferred to a personal collection by a simple drag-and-drop.