2012 Upgrade of WizFolio (Version Rainbow)

June 28th, 2012 by Casey

About Version Rainbow

This upgrade is designed to improve collaboration amongst colleagues and to allow backup of your data to your local computer. We also perform minor bug fixes and improved certain functions.


We have created a new sharing function in which you can give full edit permission (read, edit, add and delete items) to a specific colleague for your shared folder.







Backup your data

You can now back up your bibliographic data and uploaded files in your account to your local computer.   In the “My WizFolio” page, go to Settings.  At the bottom of the page click on Go to Backup Page. For more detail see FAQ on How do I backup my account.

Minor changes

  1. The Note editor now include embedding of links and a larger edit box.
  2. Double clicking on an item (in Item List Panel) will open PDF when available.




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WizCite Desktop in Windows for OpenOffice/LibreOffice and Word 2003

May 17th, 2012 by Casey

We are pleased to announce the official release of WizCite Desktop in Windows for OpenOffice/LibreOffice and Word 2003.  The Window version of WizCite Desktop uses the same interface as the Mac version.  Download installation package here.



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WizCite Desktop for Mac v1.0.0.0

April 30th, 2012 by Casey

Official Release

After extensive in-house and focus group testings, WizCite Desktop for Mac is officially released today.  The same citation generator is used, so those of you who are familiar with previous versions of WizCite will find WizCite Desktop for Mac just as easy to use. With this release we achieve compatibility between Mac and PC users especially for those who are Microsoft Word users.

Collaborative citing is made easy with universal compatibility.

Universal compatibility means that you can take a document cited in one word processor, import it into another word processor and still be able to continue to insert citations and to generate bibliography dynamically.

Bibliographic data of all the citations are stored on the cloud.

All the citations inserted in your documents using WizFolio are stored on the cloud. This allows you and your colleagues to share bibliographic data of your references without having to send each other library files.

For a preview of WizCite Desktop for Mac click here.

You can download the latest versions of WizCite here.


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WizCite DeskTop for Mac Beta Release

April 20th, 2012 by Casey

We finally have the beta version of WizCite for Mac ready.  This is a desktop version that access your bibliographic data from your online WizFolio account.  We have spent a considerable amount of resources and time coming up with this Mac version for Word 2011, OpenOffice Writer (v3.3)  and LibreOffice 3 Writer (v3.5).  The beta version has undergone very extensive in-house and focus group testings and is now ready for your feedback. We used the same citation engine as in the other versions, so the performance and work flow are similar. The latest WizCite Desktop package (beta) can be downloaded here:

WizCite DeskTop for Mac is officially released on April 30, 2012.
Download the latest version version here.
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WizCite Beta Release for Word 2003 and OpenOffice in Windows

December 16th, 2011 by Casey

We invite you to take a peek at our new WizCite plugins by testing out our new Beta plugins. This new WizCite plugin works with our new WizFolio Desktop Beta. The current version of WizFolio Desktop has no editing capability and only retrieves online data from your WizFolio account to generate citations by the WizCite Plugin. Here’s how it works:


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Get Notified Weekly of New Articles from PubMed

September 23rd, 2011 by Casey

WizFolio users interested in the life sciences would find our latest addition of PubMed Notifications useful. Embedded within the current PubMed search function is our latest notification feature. PubMed notification saves your search term within WizFolio, and each week an email will notify you of newly indexed articles in PubMed .


Here’s how to start using this new feature:


Type your search term as usual in the search box at the bottom left corner of your WizFolio account and hit ‘Enter’.



As WizFolio retrieves your search results, you have an option to save your search terms. You can refine your search terms in the pop up window and name this PubMed Notification.



You will be able to see your newly added notification in the folder panel of your WizFolio account.


If you decide that this search term is not useful for you, you can delete the notification. Simply right click on the notification folder in the folder panel, and click on ‘Delete Folder’.


To disable this service entirely, click on ‘Settings’ at the top right hand corner in your WizFolio account. Uncheck the box beside “Use PubMed notification service”.


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WizFolio releases WizCite 4.0 for Word 2007 & 2010

June 2nd, 2011 by Casey

It’s finally here! Alert users of WizFolio would have caught the not-so-little hint that we dropped a few days ago regarding the upgrade of WizFolio’s citation generator, WizCite. Since then, we have been in the final stages of preparation and I am pleased to announce that WizCite 4.0 is now up and running.

Among the many exciting new improvements, there are a few features which I would like to highlight:

  • WizCite 4.0 is now integrated within Microsoft Word 2007/2010 as an add-in custom pane

Data is accessed over the internet through the interface of the add-in instead of relying on Internet Explorer. This enhances the stability of WizCite and promises a simpler and more efficient citation process.

After installation, the WizCite add-in should appear in the home tab of Microsoft Word.

  • Cite in multiple ways

Convenience is a major theme in this upgrade, with users being able to cite in three different ways, most notably by dragging and dropping the relevant citations into the document itself.

  • Dockable WizCite panel

The WizCite panel can be docked at either side of the window, at the bottom, or as a free floating panel (see below for picture). This introduces a layer of flexibility into the product which users will find useful, particularly when inserting, deleting and/or modifying citations.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Users have quick access to their WizFolio accounts by clicking on their names. (Note: WizCite 4.0 is cite-only, which means that should you want to change items and/or perform database searches, you will have to do it through the web browser.)
  2. Users can double click on an item to open its preview panel
  3. Individual panels within the WizCite pane can be resized by dragging their borders

While WizCite 4.0 is currently only developed for Microsoft Word on Windows operating systems, we have plans to develop the corresponding versions for Mac and Linux as well within the next few months. So continue watching this space for more!

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Introducing… Zoho Writer for WizCite

May 20th, 2011 by Casey

Apple users, as a rule, are an incredibly patient lot. Because the market is hugely dominated by Windows users, it is inevitable that most software products are initially only Windows-compatible. Most times, they have to wait weeks or months before the Mac-compatible version is released.

While WizCite for Mac is currently in the works, it will take a little time before its release. But fret not, dear Mac users. Below are some handy work-arounds which you can use instead of having to download OpenOffice (which is essentially redundant if you already have Word for Mac):

1. Publish your citations to your Profile Page

Note: For this method, users will generate the required citations as a downloadable text file. Also, before you begin, make sure that you have enabled your profile page. Go to Settings found at the top right hand corner and check the box under Profile Page Sharing Permission.

  1. Create a folder under Publicly Shared Collections (found at the outer left panel).
  2. Drag and drop the items which you want to cite into the newly created folder
  3. Click on the icon.
  4. Check all the articles and click the export icon (the icon with a green arrow)
  5. Select the citation format which you want and download the references as text.

In order to use WizCite on Zoho Writer:

1)    Simply drag and drop the WizCite bookmarklet onto the Bookmarks Bar.
2)    Log into Zoho Writer and open up a new document
3)    Click on the WizCite bookmarklet on the Bookmarks Bar
4)    Click on “Insert Citations” and you are ready to begin citing!

Here’s a visual guide to using Zoho Writer for WizCite:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

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Importing references from text to a journal reference manager

May 5th, 2011 by Casey
How does one get their reference list from a Word document into their reference manager?
Most reference managers do not allow for the importing of text citations with ease. Users, very often, are reduced to manually adding the citations from the document into their respective fields. This method of transferring references is arduous at best.
However there is a way around the problem! Because WizFolio allows for the easy import of text – through its “Copy from Clipboard” feature – and subsequent export of references in RIS or BibTex format, the University of Missouri has suggested using WizFolio as a conversion tool. Their article offers clear and succinct instructions on how to convert references from text to Endnote using WizCite. These instructions can similarly be generalized to apply for other reference managers such as Zotero and Mendeley.
Importing files in RIS format is not perfect, as each reference manager uses a slight variation of the RIS format. Users whose reference managers can import in the BibTex format will have an easier time importing their references.


Overview of the process

A visual guide on How to Import Text References into WizFolio

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

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2011 Upgrade of WizFolio (Version Avatara)

January 7th, 2011 by Casey

About Version Avatara

This new version of WizFolio is designed to improve the impact of your research through social sharing and publicity of your research results. The new functionalities will enable you to increase your footprint on the Internet, thereby increasing the chances of your publications being noticed and cited.

My Profile Page

This publicly accessible page displays your name and research interests together with a list of your publications and your publicly shared collections of references.   Changes made to the “My Publications” folder in your WizFolio  account are immediately reflected on your profile page.

My Publicly Shared Collections

You can now share your list of compiled references with the public on your Profile page.  Other users can subscribe and be notified of new additions to your publicly shared collections and publications. By sharing your list of compiled references and publications, you can enhance your reputation as an expert in your chosen field.

WizFolio Search

There is a new public WizFolio search page.  This fast and convenient search page is optimized for scholarly publications. The search page returns results from WizFolio’s Publicly Shared Collections, Pubmed, Scholars Portal (20+ million journal articles), CiteUlike or Google Scholar. Convenient features include a one-click save to your WizFolio account and a one-click linkage to locate PDFs.

More ways to share

Sharing items using Twitter and Facebook is now fast and easy. You can also email item(s) to colleagues and friends. You don’t even have to login to WizFolio to share.

Bibliography made simple

Exporting a list of references from supported websites is fast and easy. A new bibliographic exporter can generate and export bibliography in RIS, BibTeX format or in any one of the major citation styles. Supported websites include WizFolio Public Pages, major publishers’ webpages and scholarly databases.

List of changes

Major Changes:

  1. Improved bibliographic data abstraction from  PDFs
  2. Sharing by Facebook, Twitter and Email
  3. New home page layout
  4. New profile page
  5. New search page
  6. Post and subscribe to publicly shared items
  7. New citation exporter integrated with WizAdd
  8. Common navigation bar and footer for all pages
  9. Stream-lined registration process

Minor Changes:

  1. More than 1200 citation styles added
  2. Displays popular citation styles and search functionality for citation styles
  3. Improved bibliographic generation when importing from clipboard
  4. Improved bibliographic matching during manual entry
  5. Faster search for ScholarsPortal
  6. Support for BibTeX
  7. More supported websites for WizAdd (e.g. Tissue Engineering, Future Medicine etc.)
  8. Report error button for WizAdd
  9. Improved WizFolio subscription page layout
  10. Updated help page content
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