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2011 Upgrade of WizFolio (Version Avatara)

Friday, January 7th, 2011

About Version Avatara

This new version of WizFolio is designed to improve the impact of your research through social sharing and publicity of your research results. The new functionalities will enable you to increase your footprint on the Internet, thereby increasing the chances of your publications being noticed and cited.

My Profile Page

This publicly accessible page displays your name and research interests together with a list of your publications and your publicly shared collections of references.   Changes made to the “My Publications” folder in your WizFolio  account are immediately reflected on your profile page.

My Publicly Shared Collections

You can now share your list of compiled references with the public on your Profile page.  Other users can subscribe and be notified of new additions to your publicly shared collections and publications. By sharing your list of compiled references and publications, you can enhance your reputation as an expert in your chosen field.

WizFolio Search

There is a new public WizFolio search page.  This fast and convenient search page is optimized for scholarly publications. The search page returns results from WizFolio’s Publicly Shared Collections, Pubmed, Scholars Portal (20+ million journal articles), CiteUlike or Google Scholar. Convenient features include a one-click save to your WizFolio account and a one-click linkage to locate PDFs.

More ways to share

Sharing items using Twitter and Facebook is now fast and easy. You can also email item(s) to colleagues and friends. You don’t even have to login to WizFolio to share.

Bibliography made simple

Exporting a list of references from supported websites is fast and easy. A new bibliographic exporter can generate and export bibliography in RIS, BibTeX format or in any one of the major citation styles. Supported websites include WizFolio Public Pages, major publishers’ webpages and scholarly databases.

List of changes

Major Changes:

  1. Improved bibliographic data abstraction from  PDFs
  2. Sharing by Facebook, Twitter and Email
  3. New home page layout
  4. New profile page
  5. New search page
  6. Post and subscribe to publicly shared items
  7. New citation exporter integrated with WizAdd
  8. Common navigation bar and footer for all pages
  9. Stream-lined registration process

Minor Changes:

  1. More than 1200 citation styles added
  2. Displays popular citation styles and search functionality for citation styles
  3. Improved bibliographic generation when importing from clipboard
  4. Improved bibliographic matching during manual entry
  5. Faster search for ScholarsPortal
  6. Support for BibTeX
  7. More supported websites for WizAdd (e.g. Tissue Engineering, Future Medicine etc.)
  8. Report error button for WizAdd
  9. Improved WizFolio subscription page layout
  10. Updated help page content