Can you read research papers on an iPad?

April 11th, 2010 by Casey
I was eager to find out if you can read research papers on an iPad.  We had an iPad shipped from the US over to Singapore as soon as it was available last Saturday.  Here is a sneak preview of how WizFolio will work on an iPad. The read-only functions work really well.
It is an interesting idea to read research papers on an iPad sitting in your couch.  Having played with the iPad for 3 days, I must say it is a life style changing device.  iPad as a “Couch Surfing Device” would not be too far off as a descriptive term for this new category of net device.
Loading of PDFs is fast, even faster than a laptop or a desktop device.  I am not sure why.  This is a very pleasant surprise.  Zooming in and out is very conveninet with the multi-touch screen.  WizFolio is one of the first journal reference management applications that works on the iPad straight out of the box.
The company is committed to making the functionalities even easier to use on the iPad in the near future. One of the reasons why WizFolio works on iPad (at least for the read-only functions and the non-Flash dependent functions) is because two years ago we made a commitment to build WizFolio as a Web 2.0 app from the ground up using the latest Web technology.
Please have a look at the video and judge for yourself.

Double click above image to play the YouTube video (link updated July 31, 2010).

If you don’t have an iPad yet, try on an iPhone. WizFolio actually works fairly well even on the  iPhone’s smaller screen.
Please forward this link to your colleagues who you think may find this information interesting or useful.

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2 Responses to “Can you read research papers on an iPad?”

  1. casey says:

    iPad vs. Netbook is an Easy Answer. The netbook is officially dead…..

  2. Aaron Tay says:

    Interesting. I guess anything web service that supports Safari (which Wizfolio does) will work on iPad, iPhone because Safari mobile is essentially Safari.

    Any news about a Iphone app?

    I guess it’s not so critical to have a iPad app (though you might as well have one if you make a iphone app) , but it would be nice to have a interface particularly suited for the smaller screen.

    I’ve heard that is pretty good, though I haven’t tried.

    Aaron: iPad and iPhone versions on the way but not soon enough. Thanks for link on iPhone version of Papers. Casey